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From the outset in the early 2000s, Jason has been a student of his passion, vigorous chasing wisdom around mindset, motivation, and human performance. He made a lifestyle out of applying these techniques to his own athletic and personal endeavors. After having his athletic and professional careers essentially “reset to zero” in 2015 by a car accident, in which he was ejected from a vehicle (statistically, he shouldn’t be alive), his sense of urgency for living a life with momentum towards meaning has redoubled, he gives powerful talks on
– The priority and power of passion,
– seeing opportunity in opposition,
– Maintaining motivation in the face of heartbreaking setbacks,
– science of effort, play, and growth mindset
– Preparing for opportunity you may not even see yet
– creating seemingly effortless productivity
– Getting out of your own head by navigating emotions in a way that accelerates momentum towards your goals, and
– Creatively shaping opportunity where others may not see it yet.

When Jason speaks, it is both to the heart and the science of what it is to be human.

I am primarily booking paid speaking gigs these days but if you think you have an opportunity for me to speak for your good cause go ahead and pitch me me on the opportunity you have for me, be sure to include how you can help promote me (professional photos on your stage, video content of the talk, references to other opportunities in your community, etc). Excited to hear from you.

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