coaching services

I will help you brainstorm out your goals (what you hope to see yourself doing, your vision) and I will seek out objectives for you to grow and be tested in order to develop the skills and confidence to bravely face these goals.

Maybe you are wanting to branch into triathlon, or mountain running.

Maybe you just want to run your first 5k, or 50k.

Perhaps you are looking to cross over from race efforts into unsupported FKT efforts.

I am willing to design an action plan, that is the individualized steps to your success. This may be your first ever training plan, or 1 am wake up call to run solo in the dark, an assignment to use your skills to make trip up a semi-technical/technical peak with a 1 month “due date”, or a 2hr run on 50k race pace. I will find out the hopes you really have for yourself. I will champion you towards them. I will hold you accountable.

You will face big challenges,

you will succeed

you will fail,

and you will be expected to learn from each.

With a 16 year long background in everything from Ironman Triathlon to Skyracing, and 3 kilometer track races to 100 mile and 24 hour runs, I have the experience to add guidance, value, and clarity to your process of betterment, whatever the endgoal may be. My experience as the most prolific mountain FKT’er of all time and professional experience as a mountain guide give me a unique ability from most running coaches to help you in the process of expanding your adventure running and mountain skillset. Having walked through my own “valley of the shadow of death” in 2015, when ejected from a vehicle in a roll over accident, I have a unique, yet battle-tested perspective on the mental and physical process of building (or rebuilding) yourself from the ground up. This “depth of field” from personal experience mixed with expertise gives me ability see the big picture, with aim to cultivate a sense of personal sufficiency, successful coping with difficult setback, and long-term motivation in my clients.

If this doesn’t sound like it is a good fit for you, maybe it isn’t, there are other excellent coaches out there!
Like these: – Adam has wealth of ultra endurance experience, with rates from $175-300/month – Ryan and his team at Trails and Tarmac are the best of the best, $225/month gets you in – Krissy is a legend and published author in sport, $200 dollars is buy in for a month

My coaching rates vary from $65/hr for consultation/in-person or $189/month and up depending on the program and level of coaching interaction.

These can include:

  • a custom program build for your goals, based on your schedule and current fitness
  • training plan consultation call (book for 30, 60, or 90 minutes)
  • a “coach on call” option for during large 12 – 48+hour efforts (book me to have 24 hour access for troubleshooting and/or decision making during a big effort)
  • nutrition and hydration strategies customized to your needs for various race distances
  • feedback, support, and troubleshooting via messaging and training plan with your coach, ME!
  • (higher price point) inclusion of specialized adjustments (such as plans for acclimatization, skills clinics, altitude/grade adjusted pacing strategies, or actual guided experiences)
  • fitness assessments (to assess current training intensities)
  • pacing strategies for various distances (1 mile through 100mi+)
  • specific training intensities for desired results (how to train for a desired outcome)
  • Logistics and route planning consultation

Additional Services:

  • Trail Running Boot Camp (1 day) – Skills, Drills, and Techniques for getting out on the trails (or deeper in the wilderness). ($150 per person, 2 person minimum)
  • basic mountaineering snow school + my “light & fast” techniques clinic ($250) this is your basic uphill and downhill snow school travel techniques plus a few of my techniques for speeding up (more efficiency) any day on the mountain

If you are looking for a professional guide on Mt. Shasta, book me through Shasta Mountain Guides and request me.

If interested in coaching (or guiding) inquire below