coaching and courses


Monthly coaching rates vary from $129-179 per month depending on the program and level of coaching interaction. These include:

  • a custom program build for your goals, based on your schedule and current fitness
  • nutrition and hydration strategies customized to your needs for various race distances
  • feedback, support, and troubleshooting via messaging and training plan with your coach, ME!
  • (higher price point) inclusion of specialized adjustments (such as plans for acclimatization, skills clinics, altitude/grade adjusted pacing strategies, or actual guided experiences)
  • One “Coach on Call” included per season (6 months)
  • fitness assessments
  • pacing strategies for various distances
  • specific training intensities
  • Logistics and planning consultation

Additional Services:

  • “coach on call” – $100 for 24hr access during your event to have me on call, to answer happily at any hour of the night to help you troubleshoot or strategize through anything that may happen in your effort ($50 for on call status, other $50 if you make the call)
  • basic mountaineering snow school + “light & fast” techniques clinic ($129) this is your basic uphill and downhill snow school travel techniques plus a few of my techniques for speeding up a day on the mountain

If you are looking for a professional guide on Mt. Shasta, book me through Shasta Mountain Guides and request me.